Some of the products to promote are: products you have created or have right of resale can promote, here is where you can create an infoproducto can be in PDF format on your niche, they can be audio, video, compacted information etc. Also you can promote products of afiliao, these you can find in click bank or where there is a great diversity. You can promote a MLM business. Also you can find products in here is where you will find infoproduct, is compacted and valuable information, can be ebook, software, audio, video etc. You can find products at here this is a very large network that handles many important virtual stores.

Here you will find physical products to promote in its majority and can be DVD players, home, Office, shoes, footwear, TVs etc. products This store is very timely in what refers to the payments but the commissions are lower in comparison with an infoproducto. Something to be taken much into consideration for products to promote are: this should be of good quality because if it is not good quality the only thing that they do is let you know these to promote poor quality products and customers are going to retire in your list of prospects. Why must be of good quality to keep prospects and customers. You must pay a good Commission.

This because going to put much effort into systematization and generation of traffic and working hours and when you see the results you’re going to be very disappointed if you don’t pay you a good Commission program of affiliated or service etc. You must have a good range of conversion. This means that the product is sold and be recurring having repetitive sales because if it is not anything you serve that you pay very well but it is not sold. This eye is a very good point. Have a low range of return. There are some programs that have 60 day guarantee and if at that time they ask for a return of the product which also makes the program is asking the Committee the affiliate’s and if you have a high range of returns then not going to generate revenue and why is that you must have a low range of returns. One of the important points is also that you can promote products additional that they are in the same niche and not only offer offer a single product but others that might interest them to your prospects. well these are some of the tips to promote your product hope they have served you this information and we’ll see you send a greeting.