Improvisation. Attention. Knowledge .

Never be afraid to improvise. That improvisation is a skill that allows a person to adapt to the rigors of the outside world. Resourcefulness, rational thinking, perseverance – all this leads to proper use of time, physical strength, as well as to effectively use various items included in the equipment. Improvisation in collecting water, lighting fires, traffic, recreation – it should be everywhere. Force yourself to think, let it be a habit. There are many sad examples where people mindlessly eat what you can not eat, drink what you can not drink and end up dying a long painful death from acquired diseases. This is the result of ignorance and neglect. If there is no confidence in the safe use of what was chosen or when not, to eat and drink it. Improvisation helps only if the person is sure that, for example, the water can not drink it in its original condition, but can be a tool of some manipulation to get out of it quite suitable for the use of life-saving liquid.