In the cases where the hospitals to possess inferior or equal number the 70 stream beds, have necessity only of professional professionals of the medical service and of serviode nursing. The responsible one for the CCIH (president, director, coordinator), as would arrive in port 2616, could be any one of the above-mentioned members. It would mesmaportaria it standes out that one of the members executors must preferential be umenfermeiro. The participation of this in institucional events, collegiate agencies edeliberativos formadores of the politics, is of responsibility of the direction or entidadesuperior of the service of sade.5.3.2 HorriA Load would carry determines that it has the obligatoriness to have at least doistcnicos of superior level, being these of the area of the health, for each 200 (two hundred) stream beds or fraction of this number with load daily horria of 6 (six) hours for osprofissionais of nursing and 4 hours for the excessively professional ones. The horria load also is based in accordance with the number of leitosdestinados the classified patients as critical, being able to have in these cases, increase of quantitative of operating professionals in the CCIH or the adequacy of the cargahorria of the operating professionals already. The divergences appear when salientamossobre the quantitative one of professionals. Great parallels how much to the essasadequaes exist.

The stories on the difficulties for the implementation of the PCIHrelacionadas to the human resources had pointed two orders of questions: organizacionais and individuais.7Uma excellent question appears: to adjust to the horria load of the professionals to ouaumentar the number of the same ones. Filed under: Jonathan Blattmachr. Factors are that go of management the management, therefore aprpria would carry of this autonomy to such. The important one is to analyze that nemsempre amount is quality, however, in contrahand, this performance dependedas individual and social questions of the professionals involved, it is cabvel to analyze se a convenient or not adequacy in the horria load, a time that in grandemaioria, this change this related to the addition of worked hours.