Printed Products

Currently used in printing a few basic types of paint: – offset – latex; – UV-varnish and many others. The use of each type of paint has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the benefits of painting not require any special advertising, about the shortcomings of varnish manufacturers prefer to remain silent. What you need to know the customer, choose one or another kind of painting? First of all, a very thin layer of varnish creates a weak visual effect that is can not distinguish among other publications cover of your magazine a bright, bright, glossy appearance. In addition, over time, paint fades, yellows, becomes pale yellow hue that you will agree, does not paint the publication.

Secondly, the use of certain types of paint (eg, UV varnish) requires a primer and a longer time to dry. After printing, offset printing ink is usually applied a coat of primer, for example, water-dispersion varnish, so as to apply UV varnish directly on the dry ink that does not give a smooth glossy effect, which requires the customer. The water-dispersion varnish is usually applied using a special coating unit, equipped with a combined drying – Infrared and hot air drying, after which it is possible to apply UV varnish with UV coating machine. All this greatly increases the time of delivery of finished products. Third, the use of Infrared and hot air blower negative effect on the colorful surface of the edition.

Fourth, the use of otmaryvayuschego powder to prevent sticking and otmaryvaniya impressions leads to a significant more expensive products. But despite all these shortcomings in the opinion of the Finnish experts to manage production processes in the printing RISE (, this type of finish is at present no alternatives. Because only this way of processing allows Postprinting apply varnish on the individual elements of the product selectively, creating a unique look to any type of printed products. Detailed consultation and professional advice on any post-finishing of printed products can be obtained from professional printing RISE completely free of charge, by calling (812) 462-85-85 or visit our website.