Zabrak Business

Second. Normal timber quality can not be cheap, regardless of the crisis and the time of the year. This is due to production costs, which depend on the cost of raw materials, wages of workers the cost of electric. energy. Profit masters in the total price of the board rarely exceeds 10%. And no entrepreneur will cut and sell at a loss, ask him to dismiss workers unpaid leave and freeze frame.

Therefore, if You offer something very cheap, then most likely you will buy a marriage, and if you're new to the forestry business, it pops up only when you begin to realize their goods. Believe me, your buyers are well aware that they want to buy. It happens that the normal board is cheap, but it is only if the original material was stealing. In this case, there is nothing to hope for a regular supply of, and may have problems with law enforcement bodies. Third. Do not rely on what you deliver the goods first, and then you pay for it.

Now almost all the timber-processing enterprises, both large and small, have their regular customers with whom worked for more than a year, plus nearly everything that fell to unscrupulous buyers who are taking lumber, then, using various tricks, he was not paid. Of course, and manufacturers are newcomers who just part of the business, and they can take risks and to ship lumber to the condition of "payment after acceptance," but it will be a one-time delivery. At the same time, keep in mind that you get lumber from the beginner, it is natural and quality is not at odds. It is clear that what you Zabrak, you do not pay him, but you did not earn, but problems. Fourth. Immediately prepare to very tangible spending, most likely in the form of cash and no papers. Many sawmill to the tax, electricians, etc., and their bank accounts blocked, so they only work for cash., and they do not have oborotki, and to make you something to saw, ask for an advance payment. This, of course, your case, to agree to it or not, but know that they take an advance payment is not a good life, and not from the desire to divorce you, but just have no free money to buy lumber that you cut it and the same. Now, when has a new Forest Code, was very poorly with a round timber. If before the auction can be purchased plot in a very reasonable price, and then develop it and do not depend on working capital, it is now canceled. Kruglyak have to buy expensive and pay for it must be right. Fifth. Be prepared to disrupt delivery schedules, and most likely you'll have to leave for their lumber and some time in a strange city. This is also a very tangible costs, because the hotel meals, etc. is a very tangible money. This is especially true of timber quality. Because to get 1 cubic meter plaque grade 0, must be to saw, and then rearrange 4 – 5 cu. Conventional cut timber. Sawmills simply not able to do it quickly, plus the technical lining, which leads to failure of delivery dates. So, summarizing. When did you first decide to do forestry businesses, you think very well. Despite the seeming simplicity, it is a very complicated business. Not for nothing, so far in this business there is no monopoly. Many have tried to bend the forest industry for themselves, but because of the problems listed above, they did not.