The dispute guarded, but exibicionista between Soviet Union and United States has beginning in some fields.

Soon this dispute would gain body and if it would also make gift in the projects for the conquest of the space, earning the specific name of Space Race (WALNUT, 2005; COLORED PERSON, 2008). In the scope of this competition the Soviet Union placed in orbit the first artificial satellite of the world (CHRISTY, 2008). Before exactly that the North Americans obtained to recover of the blow and to launch any object beyond the terrestrial atmosphere, the Soviets had launched the first animal to the space. The first North American attempt to place a satellite in orbit resulted in ignominioso failure. Shortly afterwards the Soviets they obtained to place the first one human being in the space in a flight of 1h48min.

When, one month later, the North Americans had obtained to place its first man in the space, the flight had only 15 minutes of duration (CLARKE, 1968; OBERG, 1981). As the Soviet one (and room human being) in the space were also the first man to pass 24 hours more than are of the terrestrial atmosphere (and the first one to sleep in the space). In the following year it only is that the mere North Americans would obtain to keep a man for three hours in the space. Shortly afterwards the Soviets they had obtained, in two different occasions, to keep two ships manned at the same time in orbit. They were the first occasions where two human beings simultaneously were placed in the space. In one of these occasions a Soviet went up to the space who became it first woman in the space.