Saami Photography

Jewellery – the most popular and affordable accessory for creating unique female oboraza. Considering the intricate design jewelry in the storefront a woman is at once to what dress handbag, shoes fit one or another thing. But how to convey the beauty and individuality of good jewelry when photographing a subject for a catalog? Photographed on a smooth homogeneous background necklace or bracelet that does not give the potential buyer the right ideas about them. Ideally, advertising photography good designer jewelry is performed on the model. Customer or the photographer to select a suitable type of girl, makeup, clothes, dress Jewelry.

As a result of advertising photography, even homely-looking little thing can look very stylish and attractive, because yavlyatsya prorated part of the image. But what if you can not hire models and stylists, and have to perform substantive photography just arrived at the firm and the customer received a set of jewelry for a catalog? In this case, the photographer must be created to decorate the “image” using available techniques and funds. 1. Create a setting for our substantive photography. You can use fabric, flowers, scarves, some textures (wood, stones, shells). Products Pearl would be advantageous to look on the bright silk fabric close with a delicate pink buds, and wood products with traditional motifs – on linen.

2. Keep a small database of background images, colors and accessories. If you can not use the appropriate backgrounds in the performance the subject of photography – they can be “put under” in digital processing. 3. Subject photography jewelry should be carried out with elaborate illumination. Paradoxically, for a photography major jewelry best not studio lighting, and the usual daylight. The exception is the product of a faceted crystal or glass. In this case, the light for photographing a subject should be specifically chosen to most advantageous to convey overflow and glare stones. 4. If the subject photography is performed by clipping – reinforce the contrast and tsvetonasyschennost photos. In the absence of opportunities to create entourage – to do bet on the color and texture of the Saami products.