Robert Kiyosaki

To understand that it does not pass anything until the sale is realised. Many entrepreneurs declare as a matter of principle of accounts, their hatred by the sales. This is lamentable, because everything what they are not sales in a company, becomes expenses and if you do not produce sales, the doors finished closing themselves. The sales and marketing, are the motor of the success in a company. The key is to add value to him to the client. To obtain the first client in any company is most expensive.

The true wealth is constructed when the opportunity must to sell a client in one go to him but, when you construct your customer. Some companies prefer to have small a lost one before losing a client, because the true benefit is in conserving the client. 3.Desarrolla a strong equipment. One of the characteristics that accelerate the success of any company is the impulse generated with the aid of others. Robert Kiyosaki author of Father Rico Poor Father says: ” The businesses and the investment are sports of equipo.” The average or small investor loses economically, since she does not have an equipment.

The groups that act like individuals, will be pisoteados by the intelligent equipment “. Your you are constructing a business based on house, this does not mean that you must only do it. The day has 24 hours and everything cannot be done. You must subcontract all the activities that are not their specialty and to dedicate to which it likes or in which is good. The success entrepreneurs do not lose long time in the presentation and organization. 4. To concentrate in the business, not only to work in him. That it separates to you of being able to create a company that offers great income and style to you of life, in front of a chained and frustrated industralist who this, it is only an approach question and forms to think.