Assume that we need about 300 possible unique articles per month for a successful promotion. At average pricing copywriters – $ 4 / 1000 characters of text and length of articles in 3000 characters, an article released on $ 12. And we need 300, respectively, the cost of writing, 300 entries will be equal to 3600 $! Hilo is not got, is not it? If the primary purpose of promoting articles is redirect traffic, there's nothing you can do. Will have to fork out. But if the articles are intended to convey a reference weight, and lifting the site for any queries on the search engine results, then save the budget is possible, and save substantially! How you can save your budget? There is a special service – Reproduction of articles. Once you've got articles on the promotion, you will need further paper submitted to reproduction, average cost – $ 14 / 1000 characters.

Rerayteram must provide: 1. just call it the required number of articles on the output 2. specify the type of material output – all in one file, or each article in a separate file, 3. whether affix html-tags and which ones, 4. whether to generate the headers 5. whether to affix a link – the number on the page, specify how you can more generally options (eg – the first is always the same, the second – one of the options on the list), whether to persuade the link text (to increase the naturalness), 6. their additional requirements, I recommend one article to generate no more than 60 articles, so the uniqueness of these articles will extremely high for a search engine.

Non-unique items will be glued together by search engines, and we say, out of 100 non-unique items found by a search engine link juice will send only one. How is the reproduction article? Multiplication process is the selection of synonyms to the largest possible set of words in the original text, which then will be randomly assigned to each of the duplicated copies. How much we would save using the multiplication of the articles? Let's count up. Because of an article is recommended to generate about 60 articles, therefore we need 5 articles-source. For the money is: $ 60 copywriters to write articles, and 14 $ 3 5 = 210 $ on the reproduction of these 5-items. Total in the amount we spend $ 270 to create 300 unique articles. As a result, we save about $ 3,330! How to verify the uniqueness? The uniqueness of the algorithm is verified shingles (from the English. Shingle – scale). In short, the meaning of the algorithm lies in the fact that both texts being compared are divided into groups going by the word order. In practice, we use the length of a group of 10 words. Sample words in the group are overlapping, but not back to back. The number of groups will be: kolichestvu_slov_v_state – (dlina_odnoy_gruppy – 1). Next, calculate the checksums of each group through which either a static hash function such as CRC32, MD5, SHA1. From the obtained values of control select all sums which, for example, are divided by 25, and among them are looking for the same values. This description is very brief and superficial. In the near future I will write an article on this algorithm and give examples implementation in Python. The script is ready and working, just need to tidy up the code.