Pietro Felici Leipziger

Center mobile cheap and without a credit card rental car rental and relocation services transporter in Dresden full no matter whether you need a transport by the day for private or business move, must carry a few parts only for a few hours, or one due to a larger logistic project over a period of time or multiple retail in Dresden would like to rent: Center mobile everyone has found the right minibus rental in Dresden. Our strength is our flexibility. Our van rental Dresden provides vehicles available, which are tailored to your transport needs, for exactly the time the you for the transport need. We often see it that customers so far by the day had to rent trucks, even if the trips take only a half day. Therefore we offer Dresden from Monday to Thursday the hiring of the vans and minibuses also on an hourly basis as truck rental. So you can already from 15 per hour (min 2 hours) rent a minibus in Dresden. We really hours just settle with customers.

Should however delays arise, you simply pay the difference with emission of the vehicle. As a specialized transporter hire Dresden, we have a range of tested and robust transporter in the offer. The height of regular 1.35 m vary 1.85 m practical up to, depending on their cargo. Guests vehicles between shunting-friendly 2,40 m and spacious 4.10 m in length. If you rent a van from us in Dresden, you expect reliable and experience of good models of Ford, Peugeot and Mercedes. By the way: If you are looking for a small bus rental Dresden, to transport more than five people at events and the like, we also have a special offer. Our available models to look to the minibus Dresden under the menu item rental minibus”.

Also here, we advise you gladly further. If you are not sure,. contact us which vehicle you need. Simply describe us what you need the transporter, and together, we define the required size of the vehicle. Often customers at a truck rental Dresden if contact renting a van would be cheaper and also logistically favourable. We are also on wider transport as transport rental Dresden and on truck for rent Dresden specialized talk and just at, if you’re truck in search of rental Dresden for one an attempt is worth! As an additional service, no complicated billing via credit or debit card awaits you at our transport rental Dresden. We make it and you hire Dresden at the truck and minibus hire Dresden easily: you pay more in cash. The amount of the deposit also in cash to be deposited amounts to 100 domestic and foreign 300 and to define in advance. You rely on: for us this is retail rent Dresden best possible calculated and always beneficial for you. If you advance or during transport have still questions to the retail rent Dresden, just call us at 0351 32925975. advance can you also send to a written offer: simply send us a corresponding mail, and we report back to us immediately. A tip: When is rental Dresden a relatively short-term request after a transporter, you choose the way over the phone, so we at the Center mobile transporter hire Dresden you the transport of your choice as far as available directly can be booked. Contact: Center mobile car rental Pietro Felici Leipziger str. 36 01127Dresden phone: 0351-21888975 fax: 0351-2197533 phone: 0152-09816505