The language of orchids is different and also give away according to the intention and the occasion, the main symbolism of orchids is deseduccion, sensuality and Supreme beauty. When you give white orchids: express a love pure and idealized by the beloved person; When you decide to give Pink orchids: always will be used to try to seduce someone with an extreme sensuality and when you want to express the warmth of love with eroticism, the best choice are the yellow orchids. Meaning hidden s of orchids orchids represent beauty, sweetness, sublime feelings. Worship by that person, is a different form of surprise, within the hierarchy of the flowers is in the first places, this post has earned it thanks to its enormous variety and difficulty of getting the same Orchid at different times of the year, orchids can be planted by eras, and are grown in few parts of the countryis very demanding their care when they are grown.Types of Cymbidium orchids: is a genus of 52 species called by some; or rquideas; Cattleya family: is a genus of between 50 and 75 species of orchids sepifitas. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonathan Blattmachr. Most of Central and South America.

Phalaenopsis: Is a genus of orchids commonly called alevilla or Orchid butterfly and Orchid mouth of approximately 60 species orchids Dendrobiu: the second largest genus of 1200 species, these orchids have a large size still of the greatest of all. By this enormous variety of crops the same species of orchids is not always available throughout the year. The complicity of the oquideas if you would like to send an orchid plant your girlfriend on a special date, the important thing is its meaning, remember que orchids have a strong symbolism love, lust, perfection, purity, beauty. Orchids are the best accomplices of a relationship, orchids can help you with the meaning of the message that you want to give if you want to discover who sent a floral arrangement of orchids, you can invent something very meaningful, for example: draw you in note a face of a boy with a guinado eye, and as soon as you see it in person guinas you insurance eye which she interpreted your incognito language.