Glamsberg Production

The domestic market has become intensely ball valves filled with products of foreign corporations. 2. Domestic small specialized production of steel fast enough to develop this range of products and affix relatively satisfactory quality, 3. There were small suppliers to deliver large amounts as non-liquid (second hand, taken from the conservation and restoration) and counterfeit goods at prices several times lower than the prices manufacturers. The peculiarity of the Russian market valves is that the same product can have different designations. Lack of uniform classification aggravated by the fact that to date there are no specialized programs of technical universities and post-secondary educational institutions, students of the specifics of the full range of valves. Conventionally, the Russian market of steel ball valves for general industrial use can be divided into several segments.

Steel ball valves made in “far” abroad and have received over the last decade, widespread in the Russian market: Broen Valve Group (Broen) brand of ball valves.