Aicas Love

Kallyandra was pretty I completely was gotten passionate by it, meanwhile the wise person who our love was impossible and it would not have no way of us to be together, a time that it still was a girl of thirteen years, while I had dezessete, I age four years older of what it. When the age is loved does not import and yes the love, Drielly Kallyandra was an angel, already it did not obtain to stop to think about it and it did not have as. Its eyes were pretty, its soft skin, its long hair, were using a white dress, it left what it still more beautiful, it were a princess, my perpetual one loved. I and Drielly we are talking in that night for much time it counted many histories to me of its life, also I counted many of mine, we are friends. – Aicas, already this necessary afternoon to go for house! – How is same the name of its mother? – Ivaneide! – Know I it! Its house is soon there in the esquina. – She is that one same! – Soon Kallyandra is here, waits that tomorrow let us find in them again.

– Obliged Aicas, was a inesquecvel night, was a pleasure to know it. In the truth the pleasure was mine, Kallyandra gave a kiss to me in the face and when he went entering in its house called I it: – Kallyandra? – Oi! – Good night! – Good Aicas night. Of this time it entered There I was for my house I entered directly for my room I lay down I delayed to sleep, thinking about Drielly, in those so pretty eyes, that girl so meiga. He could not feed that love, to put did not obtain to forget it, exactly knowing that our love never could give certain, to sleep and I had many nightmares, todo3 moment woke up, the night seemed great very, the hours seemed not to pass, and I did not stop to think about Kallyandra. I suffered very, when I woke up already passed of the 7horas, the first face to think it was of Kallyandra, not wise person what to make, needed to see it, as? Its family, I knew, conquanto did not walk in its house and exactly thus in that hour loved mine it would have this sleeping. I took coffee, avexado a little, I finished burning the language, leaves I talked with some friends close to the esquina of the house of Kallyandra in the hope seeing it, however it did not appear she left what me very sad. Very difficult to love somebody and not to have it of our side, never had felt something so strong, the love entered in my life was necessary to play for is alone that tried no matter how hard it does not leave my heart. This love was dominated who me, that to it consumed me to the few, was only one meeting nothing more was enough it got passionate so that me. This is the LXI chapter of my book. I wait that they like, I will only order other parts will have commentaries.!