Wood-Carving Products

Wood carving products of the complex composition. Birds, animals, animals in the process of performing the review exercise, carver must develop skills in performance of medium complexity products in the technique of relief woodcarving. To improve the professional skills offered carving an oval frame of complex composition. It can be a frame for a mirror, portrait, etc. Depending on the destination determined by size.

To begin larger image twice on a standard sheet of A4 paper. It's easier to do on Xerox copiers or other equipment. For a given amount of workpiece can be cut from one piece. At larger the amount of required shield fused from bars with vajmy. Fit runs on Planer or manually. If you're mastered carving images of average complexity, then you can take on performance products of a complex composition (frame) in full.

But first you should carefully deal with the drawing, which gives shape cuts, leaving them in flakes demonstrated that sostrogat what to keep and what tool to use. In the analysis of drawings map the details of the selected items from the finished article. With the biggest challenge you face in carving of leaves left and right palmette binding the stem. These components appropriate to first run on a segment of the same wood board. Woodcarving animalistic image of the genre (of birds, animals, animal) products in this genre can range from miniatures to large images that are used to house wood carving. Features to consider the performance of their wood carving of stylized grouse. This image can adorn gable houses, cottages, etc. To fulfill this image close-up, divide it into three parts, increase them to the desired size, cut out and connect. A characteristic feature of this product will be stylized feathers. Cutting them is not difficult, since they are mainly generated in the dihedral, considerable bracket and notched hole course. Diamonds on the tail feathers should be cut carefully to prevent cleavage. The lower wing feathers out from under one another. They are formed by the vertical keying and trimmed under a bevel. Capercaillie can be cut to size on solid wood without dividing into parts. It can be overlaid, and the scoring against the introduction of elements of the flora. For these same principles are cut other birds. In particular, the trim image of a bird. Against the background of the shield carved floral ornament elements. The top and bottom filled on the basis of products, which were worked out during the exercise. Using components of ornament in composition of images. Those who have consistently worked and performed exercises examined images from simple to complex, may see themselves as a wood carver. But to become a master of wood carving, need to learn how to develop and execute in-kind product in its conception. Combining elements of these images, you can create new patterns and develop their own carvings.