VeriSign Insurance

Myths of the insurers of auto products avoids the confusions and known errors of information that exist to hire this service; the cost, coverage and quality of insurance are aspects that will help your pocket. Some of the myths that exist with respect to the insurance companies and the insurance that provide are: Myth 1. The cost of automobile insurance depends on factors such as weather. False. According to insurers, the price of auto insurance depends on several factors such as the year, model and brand of the car; In addition to credit history and management of the user, among others.

While it is true that the climate is not a determining factor affecting the cost of the policy, if the place where the car sure is prone to hurricanes and floods, for example, the weather will be good reason to increase the price of the policy. Myth 2. Young people car insurance is more economical. Usually insurers tend to increase their prices for teenagers and older adults, due to that accident rates within These two groups are high. Myth 3. If you run into a motorcyclist and the blame was yours, the policy does not pay the medical expenses of the injured.

Any auto insurance policy has liability coverage, i.e., takes over the medical services required by the victim and also damage to the motorcycle. There are no fees deductible. Myth 4. New cars can only make. You can make your car even if it’s old, but you should take into account that in this case trucks are divided into two categories: classics and ancient. Both new cars and old cars are insurable according to the State where you are located. Classic cars if the car retains its original parts, has over 20 years old and no longer manufactured for 10 years, you can be considered a classic car for the insurance companies. Myth 5. Contract insurance on the Internet is equally reliable to do it in the traditional way. If you want to know if a Web site is secure, you must verify with the AMIPCI and VeriSign security seal. Like this You’ll know that your personal data will be kept confidential. Myth 6. Women must always be secured because they are more prone to accidents. All cars that circulate must be secured and must have at least liability coverage, regardless of whether the driver is female or male. Myth 7. Automobile insurance cover theft of mirrors and wheels. Do not. In case of theft of tires, mirrors or belongings taken from inside the vehicle, the insurance does not cover loss. The policy is only valid in the event of total theft. Myth 8. If the user has had many accidents, it could raise the cost of the insurance policy. Who has not reported road accidents during the past years is more likely to reduce the total cost of the auto policy. Myth 9. If you suffer an accident must always bring the license in the car. Yes. You have to keep existing license by any situation that could happen, where it is not licensed or is expired, it is likely that the insurer does not cover damage from the accident.