Learning Social Marketing

My son, Sebastian, is 14 years old. In the summer, when there is no school, he is always doing small chores for neighbors to gather some money. His plan is to buy a table of Bodyboarding. So by cutting grass and helping acquaintances, goes looking for resources to complete his plan. But in something that […]


We have resentment when we experience pain, in the present, by a past experience. The memory of this past experience (re-sentir) becomes again and again, present since persist the feelings that we caused such experience; in other words, to resentment we associate it with painful experiences that we have not overcome literally, resentment keeps us […]

VeriSign Insurance

Myths of the insurers of auto products avoids the confusions and known errors of information that exist to hire this service; the cost, coverage and quality of insurance are aspects that will help your pocket. Some of the myths that exist with respect to the insurance companies and the insurance that provide are: Myth 1. […]