We have resentment when we experience pain, in the present, by a past experience. The memory of this past experience (re-sentir) becomes again and again, present since persist the feelings that we caused such experience; in other words, to resentment we associate it with painful experiences that we have not overcome literally, resentment keeps us from living in the present in such a way that we are not being aware of what is happening to us here and now. Resentment prevents us from enjoying situations or activities that we are doing; a movie, a meal, a ride, the company of someone not have the normal effects on us, but that we live them in the background. The lack of attention, makes us hard to remember what we have done or what we have been told; We have an unreal perception of time and do not know what we have actually done. When you present, the painful situation lived, is as a kind of self-punishment, given that we are reliving it, over and over again. Through resentment live one situation unreal, since reality is another quite different. Resentment prevents us from overcoming that painful past conflict, does not give us rest, does not allow us to get healthcare or space to digest it.

Emotionally, resentment, leads to an emotional stagnation. Emotions do not distinguish fantasies of realities, in such a way to remember again and again, it is both delay the healing of the wound and make it more profound. Let us drag by emotions, and not digest the frustration, it prevents us from seeing the outputs for our situation. When we experience frustrating, painful, distressing facts, it is important that little by little, and eventually, we are assuming what has happened us; that I can not go back and change it. Overcome our resentment, also passes through discarded sterile thoughts as reproches to the past, because we lead to nothing good. Decide to leave the emotional deadlock, allows us to live new experiences that will help heal the wound. You are resentid @ someone or something? You acknowledge that resentment doesn’t allow you move forward? Would you like to be able to overcome it? The y team is willing to hear you and guide you. Write us! analogical/aid-psychological / original author and source of the article