Care for dogs, cats and horses, with a natural power and quality, merced to Huss products, is going to be easier now for the neighbors of Toledo (Olias del Rey and neighbouring populations) and Madrid (Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Reyes). This company of Swedish origin, which offers free home-delivery service, has relied on two local entrepreneurs so that they occupy to exploit your business. It is Ivan Diaz late and Olivier Gerard, who claim to be excited about your gamble professional, by the strength of the brand, and are convinced of the potential of their respective areas of exclusivity. Ivan Diaz late is the new maintainer of this multinational to Toledo city surrounding area: Alameda de la Sagra, Anover de Tajo, Arges, Bargas, Burguillos de Toledo, Cabanas de la Sagra where will get their food for pets, supplements and animal health products. Take a long period of time unemployed and owning pet myself led me to find this concept of business, which I think is great, by the affordable and novelty that constitutes in Spain.

I’ve just been a month and a half, and I can say with satisfaction that I no longer fulfil the objective that I marked the beginning: get at least one daily customer. With regard to what was decanted by the franchise in general, and Huss in particular, it ensures that the quality of their products, which are made of a more natural way, and the form of promotion used, in the form of delivery of free samples liked. For its part, Olivier Gerard is the new franchisee of Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid), activity being compatible with other commercial work, as expert in Marketing who has been working for us multinationals until I’ve had enough I bear heads without talent they’ve been four years on my own, in the environment of the promotional marketing and the search for sponsors, and the work of Huss is the perfect complement.