Microsoft Complaint

Brussels-in a new chapter of its technological war, the Microsoft company filed a lawsuit against Google, the largest Internet search engine in the world, by hinder competition in Europa.En demand, the first of its kind presented in the old continent, Microsoft ensures that Google carries out a model of actions that prevent fair competition in the sector of online search.For sample, Microsoft accuses Google of blocking content from Youtube, its video service, so that other search engines may not show results successful, among them Bing.Cabe remember that Google also controls more than 90% of the advertising market of internet search in Europe, rather than Bing, the Microsoft search engine. Brussels (DPA / agencies). The American multinational of computing Microsoft filed a complaint against Google before the European Commission in Brussels for abuse of dominant position in the market of Internet search engines. The complaint relates to the alleged blocking of access to services Internet rivals of Microsoft, including Windows Phone OS, for mobile phones. Last November, the competition Commissioner of the European Union (EU), Joaquin Almunia, opened an investigation against Google for possible abuse of dominant position after receiving various demands of a group of companies in the sector of online search. In reality, what Microsoft has done now is added to this lawsuit against Google, which controls 96 percent of the market in Europe. Microsoft filed a formal lawsuit () to know whether Google violated European competition law, said Brad Smith, Vice President of the company, in a blog published on the website of the group. The Google giant showed for his part surprised, since one of the subsidiaries of Microsoft was one of the first applicants, a spokesman in Brussels said. The Commission took note of the initiative of Microsoft and decide if integrates it in the ongoing investigation, said a spokesman of the Executive community.