Microsoft Bill Gates

Residual or dynamic entries are those that are still generating after having done an initial work and that do not need 8 hours a day to keep generating our physical presence. This is what Robert Kiyosaki called passive income. The Internet has revolutionized the way of doing business, interact with the world, technology that we use, and many of the things that we previously did without the need of a computer. Technology advances and all the tasks that we are involved in it. I’m going to put an example my small daughter, who is studying for her first primary, receives its tasks, reports and notes for teachers on the internet and this information reaches the mail from both parents simultaneously.

What is happening is that today a large percentage of the people using the internet for the purpose of communicating with friends and family around the world, interact with them via social networks, search for information on something specific, entertain themselves, search for products and purchase different kinds of products or services. If it is true that these two latest activities in some countries are not very common is precisely where the opportunity to make money and generate income on the internet is presented. Marketing is now the new mechanism to finance on the internet, according to a recent study by the firm Morgan Stanley. E-commerce worldwide, i.e. the marketing of all sorts of products and services is growing exponentially. Sales over the internet during 2009 amounted to $ 427 billion. (Source) In the present and future this trend will continue in growth, is why the same founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said in an opportunity: any business wishing to succeed in the future must have internet presence and there will also be two types of business in the 21st century: those who are on the internet and those that no longer exist but is actually possible to generate this kind of income with just a computer and an internet connection? The answer is Yes. As everything you need is to have the desire of do it, a clear idea of business and the necessary tools to achieve this.

I.e. the proper knowledge to do so. There are several ways to generate income online, what is really important is to have the intention of doing so and learn how you can use internet as a business platform. As everything is required, especially at the beginning, of dedication, desire to learn, persistence, tracking, development of a clear idea of business, investment in learning, given that start some types of internet business may require a low cost. It is important to be clear what you want to achieve and be willing to follow the plan of action. In the book Tips financial a section is dedicated to comprehensively illustrate the structure of a business on the internet, although internet is open to diversity of ideas that can become productive, there are some tools that can not miss on the proper development of a business that uses internet as a business platform, just to name some of these a good autoresponderan online payments system, tools for do advertising, and others. Original author and source of the article