Mass Production

As told Vedomosti representative of AvtoVAZ, Igor Burenkov, after the start of the rally on the hotline of the company inundated with calls from those who buy the same car. The plant responded to the demand and decided in November to begin limited production Lada Kalina Sport the colors of ripe lemon. Until the end of the year in the sale will go about 500 of these cars, and they have been ordered by dealers. Now AvtoVAZ produces about 100 per month Lada Kalina Sport seven colors (Red, burgundy, blue, white and three shades of gray). New Lada Kalina Sport will be exactly the same configuration as the machine on which Putin visited, except for the GLONASS satellite navigator – on its production cars will set in 2011.

According Burenkova, the plant expects growth in sales of these vehicles, but small: all manufacturers produce sports cars limited series, because they are much more expensive than usual. Recall that "Sports Kalina is 374 thousand rubles. (With 1.6 liter engine) against 260-270 thousand rubles. for conventional Kalina. By the way, if before the yellow cars are not in demand, now AvtoVAZ is ready to paint the selected color is not only a premier Kalina Sport, but also more mass models.

"A ripe lemon is included in the plant palette of colors, but it will be used only when the cars in this color will go a sufficient number of applications to make its use economically feasible (Not less than 6% of the total orders for the family car), said Burenkov. At the end of last week in the auto center of the official dealer of AvtoVAZ "Krasnoyarsk-Harmony" were awarded the car Lada Kalina Pavel Zakharov – winner of the People's car – the popular name ". The contest to name the new model of economy-class AvtoVAZ held from June 30 to July 8, 2010. The competition was attended by a total of more than 48 thousand people who came up with 169 thousand options name for a new car. Pavel Zakharov from Krasnoyarsk was the first who suggested naming the new Lada named Granta. "Choose a name for the car, Krasnoyarsk was presented with a white sedan in the Lada Kalina complete set of "luxury" – the anniversary the 26 millionth car AvtoVAZ – AUTO.RU reported in the press service of the enterprise. – Symbolic keys and certificate on the car got a winner at the Moscow Motor Show from the President of AvtoVAZ Igor Komarov. Add that to start producing Lada Granta AvtoVAZ plans in late 2011. Now Lada Granta runs developmental testing in scientific and technological center of the enterprise.