Any manufacturer or importer who put their products on the market must make sure that these are perfectly safe for consumers and users, in such a way that they cannot be represented to the same danger suffer personal injury or property damage for them. We are referring here to an area other than that imposed warranty, which links to the manufacturer, importer or distributor to the correct functioning of your product, and must replace or repair it in the event it fails to function properly during the period specified in that. The liability for defective products arises to protect consumers against the failures in the operation of the products not already generally, but specifically against those that could cause damage:-personal, suffering any injury or physical damage. For example, if the electrical connections of the same do not function properly, causing the suffer shock. -Materials, for example, in the previous case, if because of these power outages are It can cause a fire in the home of the user of the product, causing severe economic losses.

Different types of failures that may occur despite the very specific nature of them and their great diversity, it is possible to group this type of errors in three major areas:-design errors: occur when the product is not safe for applications for which was designed, and may have been foreseen differently to avoid such risks. -Manufacturing errors: by employing materials unsuitable or not suitable for the product, for example by not having carried out the quality of form controls due. -Marketing errors: by errors in the labelling or instructions when it comes to warn its potential hazards, or the absence of them. Thus, any failure by such manufacturer or importer that could endanger consumer could lead him to responsibility for damage that could cause him. This would be so, as it establishes regulations, although there had been no negligence or recklessness in introducing these dangerous defects in products. In short, the law protects you, guaranteeing the possibility can obtain adequate compensation to damage that may cause you faults in the products that you purchase.