European Union Products

Appearance of the Minister Rosa Aguilar at the Congress. It will ask to expand the compensation producers of onions, cabbage, carrot, eggplant, melon and watermelon. He says that the Government has acted quickly. The Spanish Government will require to Brussels to extend the 210 million endowment provided as compensation for the horticultural sector and the number of beneficiary products, at the time that does not rule out going to the legal way to compensate farmers for the damage suffered. Thus has explained it ste Monday the Minister of environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, who has appeared at his own request in the Committee on the environment, agriculture and fisheries of the Congress of deputies to report on the consequences of the crisis caused by the outbreak of e. coli in Germany.

Aguilar has ensured they cannot continue in their efforts to claim allowances to be extended to more productions and to strengthen the promotion, with the aim of recovering the image of Spanish products and trust consumers. Products protegisdos so far has not specified that the Government will give the battle so that allowances provided for by the European Commission (EC) cover productions up to now not been anticipated (such as onion, cabbage, carrot, Eggplant and fruits such as melon and watermelon), more involvement of Community funds in the promotion and that procedures be simplified to get aid as soon as possible. So far, the products that will receive aid from the European Union (EU) are cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, Zucchini and lettuce. Aguilar said that the Executive does not rule out the possibility of resorting to legal to claim in the event you do not resarza all horticultural sectors by 100 percent of damages incurred during the crisis. We reserve all rights to carry out new performances; We not enumerating any type of action if appropriate to it, he has pointed out.