Entire Modern System

Oil is a very important substance for the functioning of the entire modern system. With the help of this substance may be carried out many important processes that have to do with modern systems. In fact, oil is used for the manufacture of the most important fuel for the operation of all kinds of machines in modern times: this fuel is known gasoline. However, it is not only for the processing of gasoline used oil, but also for the manufacture of plastics and other important products in industry of modern large companies. Despite its advantages, there are many problems facing humanity that revolve around the use of oil for so many things. There are three types of problems in humanity that revolve around oil: the first one has to do with the shortage, is the problem that this substance is a product that is not renewed, is used once and it takes thousands of years to restore with the additional difficulty that is so necessary for all, the second of them is the wars which has generated, in effect, this substance is coveted by all industries which they are fighting by the and have generated the most great wars of the world; the third problem is the environmental impact generated by oil when used as a combustible substance, since there are many problems with the Earth’s atmosphere due to its use. We will try with a bit more of detail here about these problems that has brought the oil in our time, we will look in order the three problems mentioned above: the problem that has brought the oil by its scarcity, the problem that has brought by wars which generates and the environmental problem that has triggered the use of oil as fuel for most machines running at this time. The first problem, that is, the problem of the shortage of oil in the modern era is very large.

In the world the oil exploitation is carried out in each country that you can do. As it is a much needed product and like any country can be highly benefited by resale or processing for consumption, then the oil is highly exploited around the world. Due to this extensive exploitation of oil, this every day becomes more scarce and the day on which there is no more. This absence of oil is predictable because oil is a nonrenewable resource, because not it regenerates quickly once is used because it is composed of fossils that have been buried millions of years ago. The problem of wars which brings petroleum is also a problem that should not miss sight for people interested. This problem of oil is linked to the problem of its scarcity. Due to the shortage of oil this has become a highly sought-after product and as a result countries fighting for territories where can find exploitable deposits. These wars for oil bring disastrous consequences to human beings that few want to continue happening and for which is expected to be a good solution.