Do however, is important, also, consumption of protein in our diet which as we have seen are reducing with age which increases the problem of lack of elasticity in the skin only animal proteins contain all essential amino acids? ciales, but vegetarians can convert proteins ingested in high quality protein if they are mixed with cerealsvegetables and legumes. Do do we do except that vegetarians have one skin clear and healthy which consume much pro? vent animal (especially red meat), but a strictly vegetarian diet can cause a protein deficit and a decay early skin therefore recommended a diet ovolacte? ovegetariana (where abound nuts, wheat germ, avocados, products derived? two of soy or soy) with once per week of fish consumption. Do second step: Elimination of chemical products and otrosEs necessary to completely eliminate tobacco consumption, dro? gas, alcohol and chemical products, T ercer step: caring for skin with the external application of creams of bellezEl third step consists of using external form of beauty creams to combat premature ageing. Do however, is not recommended the use of creams with base of estrogen and progesterone which are very advertise? das, hormones, once absorbed by the skin, can cause reactions ne? gativas in the body. Therefore, we recommend the use of natural products for the production of beauty creams. Is a natural product that has shown good results the cocoa butter which applied on the first wrinkles around the eyes, serves for dimmed and even reduced.? Do among cosmetic plants that we must include in the production of beauty products in the fight against skin aging are centella asia? tica, horsetail, the St. John’s wort, the with? soldering and ginseng. All of them are optimal regenerants cell phone with all plants herbal teas can be prepared to apply directly on the skin in the form of compresses. We should not forget to aloe vera which, thanks to its active ingredients, is an ally of health and beauty of the skin.