Economic Development – Determining Factors For The Success Of A Site

Location business success does not automatically arise, but must be developed specifically if the site does not know his skills, he missed the opportunity to take advantage of them. The creation of internal knowledge transparency includes the determination of the status quo. Taking stock with an identification and evaluation of critical ability is a prerequisite for the management of site resources. A site assessment enables the analysis of causal networks: this step otherwise perhaps imperceptible dynamic contexts, apparent. Success factors (GE) bundle, pry: dealing with more transparency about affecting factors.

Who wants to be successful in the competition, must have identified previously systematically its success lever. Location decisions are made based on operational criteria, general economic or financial criteria. Those factors that can directly influence the business process fall under operational criteria (quality of the infrastructure with Transport/Logistik, qualification/flexibility of workers, availability of commercial space, among others). Factors such as quality of life, social structure, regional competencies fall under criteria to the general economic environment. Financial criteria include aspects that have a direct impact on the cost structure of potential investments (for example, labour costs, tax burden, availability of funding. site analysis from the indicator cockpit, ISBN 9783842318588.

further to the definition/description of the core processes of the site the factors must be identified and described, with which these processes can be ultimately led to the success. It follows: the success of the site are derived from the previously defined core processes. Main factors that bring forward the location, where the success of the site can be fastened Questions: What are the most important success factors?, E.g. business taxes, labour costs, customer satisfaction (site image, Growth / expansion potential, adaptation speed / innovation and responsiveness with regard to changing framework conditions, flexibility with regard to customer needs, among others. CF. Becker, Jorg: site analysis from the indicator cockpit, ISBN 9783842318588. success factors are especially success potential. For the measurement are therefore indicators % derived-Ausschopfung of success potentials (Potentialausschopfungs indicators). After the adjustment of the value of a benchmark to get the realistic potential for concrete, actionable measures can be derived. The numbers dress of a site must meet these many needs and desires. As: it imagines a time as possible and realistic image for diverse and complex situations, it should be as transparent as possible and comprehensible, to support the preparation of often controversial location decisions as a wide communication and discussion, it is the basis for comparisons with other sites provide, it should be at the same time decision-making and information help for those interested in the settlement and it should draw attention to potential investors and occupy the site.