Concrete Panels

Precast concrete panels screens are a kind of screen, or flexible containment, commonly used in civil engineering structure. As their name indicates, they consist of precast concrete shaped of generally rectangular panels. For positioning, it has created a ditch with slightly higher than those of the prefabricated panel dimensions. Subsequently the panel enters the trench, and poured bentonite or cement around. This constructive system of screens is practically not used in Spain, where most employed flexible containment structures are sheet piling and screen walls. ** The concrete, also called concrete in some countries of Latin America, is the material resulting from the mixture of cement (or other binder) with aggregate (gravel, sand and gravel) and water. The mix of cement with sand and water is called mortar.

Cement, mixed with water, becomes a moldable paste with adherent properties, which in a few hours cures and hardens becoming a material of stone-like consistency. The main structural characteristic of concrete is resists the efforts of compression very well, but has no good behavior against other types of efforts (traction, bending, cutting, etc.), for this reason it is usual to use associated with steel, receiving the name of reinforced concrete, behaving as a whole very favorably to various loads. In addition, to be able to modify some of their characteristics or behavior, you can add additives and additions, to exist a great variety of them: dyes, accelerators, setting retarders, fluidizing, waterproofing, fibres, etc. When projecting a ferroconcrete structure are set the dimensions of the elements, the type of concrete, additives, and steel that should be placed on efforts that must withstand and function of the environmental conditions to which it will be exposed. Their employment is common in works of architecture and engineering, such as buildings, bridges, docks, ports, channels, tunnels, etc. Even in those buildings whose main structure made in steel, its use is required to form the Foundation.