Choosing A Lock

Now you can find lots of information about how to choose the right Security door locks. Most recommendations are based on the concept: the more expensive the better. It is not always the case. We want to offer their version address this important issue. From the outset, we want to express their views and say that with a limited "budget for the door, it is better to reduce the expenditure side for decorative and choose quality and reliable locks. What's on Today we offer domestic suppliers of locks and cylinder mechanisms? In the domestic market is widely featured products following manufacturers: Elbor (Russia) Apex (Russia), Guardian (Russia), Kale Killit (Turkey), Cisa (Italy), Mottura (Italy), Mul-T-lock (Israel), Azbe (Spain). Also there are a number of companies whose products are represented by fewer or lower quality, they will not be considered.

Most of the buyers concerned about what locks complement its door to price-quality ratio was the best? First, the door must complete two locks of different systems, ie, one must be Safe-(lever, named by his secret parts, whose main elements are levers), the second – cylinder (name due to the applied part of the secret). Moreover, lever lock should be the primary locking lock, a cylinder – additional. Secondly, to enhance security, the door will also need to complete a latch or chain, and an additional cylinder lock – . We now turn to models that we offer locks. The main We propose to install a lock lever locks mid-range Russian producers Elbor and Guardian.

The best ones in terms of price and quality are the model of the Guardian 3011, Guardian 3012 and Elbor , To the same model of the Guardian 3012 is equipped with built-in sliding 18 mm in diameter. This valve allows you to close the premises rotary knob from the inside without the possibility of his public key. It is also important in case of emergency evacuation out of the apartment, such as indoor smoke and no lighting. This model is well established itself as a reliable locking of high security. To increase the burglary with the use of lever locks plates of hardened steel. As an extra, for installation in armored door, cylinder locks recommended the following models: 3201 and Guardian Elbor The weakest part of any cylinder lock itself is a cylinder. To avoid damage by hacking into the castle it is desirable to equip reservations lining. It is also important, what the secret cylinder you use. At the moment there are a few recent proposals from different companies. Optimal price and privacy model proposed by the Russian manufacturer of Apex and the Spanish company Azbe. Packaging options may be a turning lamb without him. In our opinion, such equipment is optimal for Security door lower and middle price category.